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New Sale November 15th, 2018
Hello Everyone
Starting as of right now emails will ONLY sent when a new sale starts ALL other news
will be on forum so please read for news and updates to sites
New Sale
Payment processors are at 10% discount at ALL sites and  by using Paypal
you get 3 extra days and $1.00 in account.Buy 1 months at same site or any other
site using 
Perfect Money and get an extra 10 days and $3.00 in account,This offer good at 
All sites.
ALL polls have been closed. already has the new 
update and membership targeted ads are running there.
Thank you
Referral Contest August 27th, 2018
Hello Everyone
From now on ALL news and announcements
will be posted on forum The only email you will get is when we start a new Sale.
Also have posted new announcements

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